I'll Have What She's Having!  Essence Veil / PROTECT + IMPROVE

I'll Have What She's Having! Essence Veil / PROTECT + IMPROVE

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“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Essence Veil is an ode to timeless beauty—a harmonious fusion of willow bark and rosehips. This exquisite elixir transcends trends, inviting you to embrace your skin’s innate allure.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Willow Bark: Like a gentle forest breeze, willow bark sweeps away the old, revealing a fresh canvas. Its natural salicylic acid exfoliates without harshness, leaving your skin as smooth as the moon’s reflection on a tranquil lake.

  2. Rosehips: The wild rose, a symbol of passion and resilience, lends its essence. Crushed rosehips infuse our veil with vitamin C—an elixir of youth. Fine lines retreat, and your complexion blooms like a secret garden kissed by morning dew.


  1. Cleanse

  2. Apply: Gently pat the veil onto your face and gently massage onto skin. Target forehead, under eyes, cheekbones and cheeks. Avoid direct eye contact. 

    Breathe: Close your eyes. Inhale the forest’s wisdom. Exhale the noise of modern life. You’re not just applying skincare; you’re invoking a quiet sanctuary.

Why “I’ll Have What She’s Having”?:

  • Chic Sophistication: Our brand embodies understated elegance. The minimalist bottle, adorned with a delicate rose motif, graces your vanity like a whispered secret.

  • Luxurious Formulation: We spared no expense in sourcing the finest ingredients. Each drop is a testament to our commitment to opulence and purity.

  • Timeless Beauty: “I’ll Have What She’s Having” transcends trends. It’s not about chasing fleeting fads; it’s about honoring your skin’s timeless radiance.


  • Luminosity: Your skin glows, as if kissed by dawn’s first light.
  • Harmony: Willow and rosehips dance in symphony, revealing your skin’s true rhythm

INGREDIENTS: purified water, watermelon seed oil, lemon willow bark, pomegranate seed oil, rosehips oil, aloe vera gel, niacinamide, peach extract, Irish moss, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.